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headline-news End Semester Exams will be from 10th June 2013 – 24th June 2013

Engineering Management End Semester Exam Details (18/06/2013)

Paper Pattern :-

  1. You have to bring the Interest Table in hard copy form. Download it from the portal
  2. There will be 18 Questions in all
  3. Every Question will be having multiple parts (3-4)
  4. There won’t be any formula sheet or helping material
  5. Paper will be comprised of 4 hours (240 minutes)
  6. You will be having some 13.5 minutes to solve one question.
  7. Give precise & concise answers to every question

P.S:- Hamza Humayun (CR) personally visited the Course Instructor and requested to lessen the course and include the Formula Sheet. But all went in-vain.

Course Content :-

The Course Content of ES Exam of EM is as under :-


AMS End Semester Exam Details (13/06/2013)

The details about the End Semester Examination of AMS are as under:-

  • Click Here to download the Formula Sheet (Download and Print it. Any formula sheet other then this would not be allowed in the Examination Hall)
  • Paper will be Example Problem based and the Theory portion will be virtual one having relatively minor marks weight
  • No part of the described course content has been exempted by the Course Instructor
  • There will be a Quiz also which will be consisting of MCQs
  • You can also bring the photocopy of G-Codes & M-Codes given in Table # 6.10 & 6.11 of the “Automation, Production Systems & CIM” (2nd Ed.) by Mikell P. Groover (No other table of codes will be allowed except these two)



AMS Quiz # 01 on 17/05/2013. Click Here for details[UPDATED]

For AMS Lab Report Details, Click Here[UPDATED]

Stress Analysis Lab Viva will be conducted on 18th April 2013 between 9 AM – 3 PM in Fracture Mechanics & Fatigue Lab


  In case if you are looking for something related to the previous semester then Click Here.

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smallarrowClick Here to download Interest Table

  • You have to bring it after printing/photocopying for the Engineering Management Exam

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